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Friday, July 31, 2015

Tex Goes Off Again

Yanks just smoked the White Sox 13-6 and the only reason the Sox got 6 was that they got a little careless with a big lead.  Tex hit two more bombs, and had a double and a walk before making his first out.  ARod was on base 5 times in a row including 3 walks.  John Ryan Murphy had a single, a double and a walk.   And on and on.  Eovaldi was either getting squeezed or he was just really inefficient.  He worked 5.2 of three run ball for his 11th win.   Warren took one for the team and surendered two runs over 2.1 innings of work.  Goody pitched the 9th and gave up an earned run, though he did also get a K.  I assume he'll go back down tomorrow because he's worked two nights in a row.   We'll see.   Let's hope they bring the bats again tomorrow and help out Mitchell or whomever gets the call.

Cash: Severino's Next Start Will Be for The MLB Yanks

So the youth movement may finally be on track.   Brian Cashman has said RHP Luis Severino will make his next start in the bigs.  That could be as soon as Monday or Tuesday.  If all goes well, and if he does have about 50 innings left, that could turn into 9-10 starts.  Or it could get into one of those, all hands on deck situations, which we've seen at times and he could be up for good. We'll see, and we'll be looking for more call ups.

UPDATE: Cash says Severino has no innings limit.  They've been getting him ready for this.  Perhaps he'll be our ace in the hole.

Yanks Stand Pat

So, my team went to the MLB Trade Deadline, and all they got me was this Stupid Ackley!   Actually, I couldn't be much more relieved both for now and for the future of the team.   I viewed Ackley as an overpay, so I couldn't imagine what a real player would cost, and felt like the Yanks were at a disadvantage this trade season because four or more of their best prospects haven't been able to play this year.   I got chill when Mateo's name came up and did a spit-take when Wilkerman Garcia was mentioned.  Wilkerman is one of the big IFA's we landed last year and he's been performing stateside.   Anyway, the farm will only get more flush as the injured guys get back and the drafted players and new IFA's gain traction in their careers.

Going forward this year, there is still the waiver trade season to get through, but the Yanks do have usable, and indeed talented prospects at AAA.  It's been hard working these kids in under Girardi, but that's just what they'll have to do now.  It's time to DFA Ryan and call up Refsnyder.  Drew can be a defensive caddy and lefty pinch hitter.  As soon as it's possible, they should also recall Slade Heathcott.  And needless to say. Mitchell and Severino must be relied upon until they hit their limits. this has the makings of a really interesting run.

Yanks: Deadline Day

Alright, the Non-Waiver trade deadline is at 4pm EST today.   That's not too far off, but far enough that the Yanks can get as much done as they want to.

Meanwhile, it would probably be easier for the Yanks to have made trades during this period if their entire second tier of starting minor league pitchers wasn't out with TJS or whatever in the case of Ian Clarkin.  And as I've said, I would not trade Sanchez because Torrens is out with a serious injury.   So as much as the other teams want the Yankeee prospects,  a whole tier of them is out injured.

Beyond that, it looks like a third wipeout reliever today, and maybe a bat or a starter.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Giants Sign WR James Jones

The Giants have apparently come to terms with WR James Jones.   Jones, sort of like Ackley was with the Yanks, had been mentioned in connection with the Giants for the past few seasons.   Jones is 31 and will probably compete with Washington and Parker, but may have an advantage since he grw up in a version of McAdoo's offense when he was with the Pack.   We'll see what happens.

Yanks Overpay for Ackley

So, the Yanks' first move of the trade season was to send Ramon Flores and Jose Ramirez to Seattle for Dustin Ackley.   This move is ponderous on a few levels, one of which is that Ackley is not an upgrade over Drew.  What's more, Ramon Flores is better than Ackley.  Flores was never going to be a full time Yankee, most likely, but he should have been saved for a bigger and better trade.  He can play OF and gets on base, and his power has grown each year.   Jose Ramirez should have been the only thing going to Seattle.  Meanwhile, we'll see what else is up, because right now we have three different versions of Drew.

Yanks: Byan Mitchell to Start

Pineda has forearm tightness, so Bryan Mitchell is coming up to take his start tonight.  Mitchell's been having his best year in AAA, and he's one of two guys currently on the Yanks who can hit 100 on the gun.  That's a nice feature for a starter, but the offspeed stuff will be the key to his future success.  If he's good tonight, this could be an interesting twist of fate.  The stuff is that good.

Meanwhile, forearm tightness is generally a bad sign, but given the extreme heat in Texas this week, perhaps it's just dehydration.  Btw, I believe dehydration is a leading cause of injuries in all sports.  Let's hope we get him back.

UPDATE: Somewhat curiously CC Sabathia is taking the start and Mitchell will be long relief.  Why is it impossible for the Yanks to start a minor league starter?  Why do they have to funnel them through bullpen assignments?

Also, Pineda is on the 15 Day DL with a grade one forearm strain - same thing Miller had.

Giants Report for Camp

Here we go.   All the Giants but JPP are checking in this morning, after which they'l take physicals and run a fitness test. As always the major concern as we move forward through camp is player health.  Beyond that it will be great to see players develop, get the starting five of the OL locked in, and hopefully see a few of the young guys pop up.

The drama with JPP, such as it is, really has no end in sight.  He's getting terrible advice from somewhere, and at the same time, I have absolutely no idea what he will ever be able to contribute to the Giants again.  It would bee a great thing if Diggy or one of the other young end really stepped up. We need sacks.

Let's go, Giants!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Yanks Win

This one had all of the making of those games in which Rick Cerrone would end up pitching in the mid-80's.   Capuano started and gave up 5 runs before he could record the third in th first inning.  He was replace by Diego Moreno who'd been called up earlier.  Moreno got the third out, but it looked like it was gonna be a long night -- and it sort of was -- because after that the Yanks did not stop scoring until they hit 21 and that took time, becaus the only homers were a granny from Chris Young and a two shot from Gardy off of  position player in the ninth.  Everything else was hits, walks, some doubles, a triple and two hit batsmen.   Tex might have hurt his foot when he was hit.    DiDi Gregorius had 4 hits, including a bases clearing triple and was hit by a pitch.   Everyone but Tex had a pretty good night.  Oh, and Yankee pitching, which was just Moreno and Warren, didn't give up a single hit, and just 1 walk over the last 25 outs of the ballgame.   Impressive.

Meanwhile, it's time to DFA Capuano.   Should see some moves before game three.

Yanks and the 40 Man Roster

As we get down to the deadline it's important that the Yanks remember to trade more off their 40 man roster than they add onto it.   The Yanks will have a bunch of minor league players to add after the season, so any room they can find now would really help come winter.  Of course DFA's will happen between now and then and those will help, too.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Yanks Win

ARod homered yet again, but DiDi Gregorius probably just had his best game as a Yank thus far.  He went three for four, with a homer and 3 RBI's and also really flashed in the field.  Tex only had 1 hit, but just missed having three homers of his own.  Btw, Chasen is opening up his own little filth shop just down the block from Dellin and Miller's.  Nasty stuff.   Girardi used Betances with a 4 run lead in the 9th, but that might have been because Wilson was a little shakey in the 8th, so Girardi had gotten him up then.   Still, it would be nice to see Goody debut in a non-save situation such as tonight's.   Still, 14 games over .500 and rolling.

Rangers Lock Up Stepan for 6/39

The Rangers avoided an arb hearing that would have happened by signing Derek Stepan to a long term deal today.   This was sort of a must as Stepan is core, and it does seem he gave them a slight hometown discount by allowing them to keep his AAV under 7.   Nice job by Gorton getting all of the RFA's in a good to decent prices.  Now I expect them to make a trade or two to establish breathing room under the cap.  They have more core to extend over the next few years.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Yanks Take the Series

Nate Eovaldi probably threw his best or second best game as a Yankee today, and only because Girardi sent him out in the 9th did he end up giving up 2 runs instead of just one.  He gave up a double to Sano (thanks Hal!) to start the ninth and that was it for him.   Had Girardi just let 8 strong be enough, he could have sent Goody out with a 7-1 lead.  Instead he brought in Wilson, who was not sharp after not working since Tuesday, and finally Betances, in a situation that was created by the manager, to drop the hammer on a 7-2 game.  He got a fly ball and a DP and that was that.  But still, there was an opportunity screwed up in the 9th, and Betances shouldn't have had to pitch.

Meanwhile, even with ARod getting a day, Headley and Drew homered.  Btw, Headley also had a two run single and might be coming around.  I can't believe how bad he has been this year, because I have seen him be better for much of his career, so we may get a bit of an adjustment from Headley.

Meanwhile, even with Eovaldi showing more swing and miss, moves are probably coming this week, as we've heard him say in the past, Cash will say, this team deserves a shot at going all the way.   Maybe it does, but there are plenty of internal options to help pump the team up.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Yanks Win!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holy Crap.  Holy Crap.  Holy Crap.  Alex Rodriquez and John Ryan Murphy just lead the Yanks on an improbably comeback after CC got them down 5-0 after 3.   ARod hit 3 bombs, as Warren held the Twins, with his third finally tying the game in the top of the ninth.  Then John Ryan Murphy hit a three run jack and that was that!  Miller came in and 1-2-3'd the Twins.   What a night!  What a win!

This Week on the Blog

This week was pretty fun as the Yanks swept the O's, the Knicks and Giants did some work on their camp rosters, and the Rangers exchanged arbitration numbers with Derek Stepan.

This week will probably be more momentous.

Yankees:  The trade deadline is this week, and it really seems likely that they will add a starter - though they have Bryan Mitchell and Luis Severino ready or close as possible on the farm.   According to reports, Judge, Severino and Bird are unlikely to be dealt, but there was word earlier this week, that the Yanks might be listening to offers on red hot Gary Sanchez.   Trading him, especially with the uncertainty surrounding Luis Torrens' shoulder injury, would be a bad idea.  Just as punting a first round pick for what is left of Brian McCann was in November of 2013.   So that's a scarty situation.  Likewise, there are a bunch of non-Judge/Severino/Bird guys who could be future CORE and thus heald onto.   So it's a very dangerous week down on the farm.

Rangers:  The Rangers and Derek Stepan could make a new 5 year deal any minute now.  They exchanged arb figures this morning, and they'll probably get something done before the hearing.   What's more, don't be surprised if they make a trade or two after that happens..

Giants:  The New York Football Giants will report to training camp this Thursday -- at least those with two hands will.  Thus will begin a really interesting camp for our team.  They sent the parts of the offseason they could control adding new pieces for the coordinators, only to lose their Left Tackle and Franchise DE to non football injuries after the draft and after all the best UFA's were off the board.   We'll see if Tom and the guys can coach their way out of this one.  I wouldn't be surprised if they extend Eli this week and sign Evan Mathis or someone else who might be able to start on the line.

Knicks: The Knicks will continue filling out their 20 man camp roster, as well as looking for a back up 5 and 1 for the 15 man roster.  We'll see what their up to as the summer progresses.

I hope all our teams act wisely, and that all of you have great weeks!

UPDATE:  The Yanks have called up Nick Goody, and he's not on the 40 so another move must be coming.   As you'll recall, the Yanks drafted Goody twice, and he started out like gangbusters before get TJed, and coming back slowly last year.  He has been great this year and could now become the long term fixture we've expected him to become.

Further Update:  Petit was DFA'd and Pinder was sent down.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Knicks Add Darion Atkins

Knicks are apparently giving Darion Atkins a partialy guaranteed contract that will at least get him to camp.  Atkins is 6'8 with a 7'2" wingspan and uses it for D.  Almost all of his points come in the post and he has no outside shot or FT ability to speak of, but he can offer some D, boards and blocks.  He's more filled out and polished defensively than Ndour was, but Ndour seemed to have the greater offensive ability and upside.  Atkins had been on San Antonio's Summer League team, and we know all about their scouting acumen.

UPDATE:  The Knicks are also bringing former Harvard 6'6" swingman Wesley Saunders to camp with some guaranteed money.  They can bring 20 players total.

Dermis Day!

Dermis Garcia is batting 5th and playing third today for the GCL Yankees2.  This could be the start of something big.   In the opinion of the Yanks and some other teams and services Dermis was the #1 prospect in IFA last year.  He's drawn comparisons to Sano and ARod.   So, this really could be the start of something big.   Btw, Nelson Gomez and a few others from that big class of IFA's are already starting to rake.