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Friday, February 12, 2016

Yanks Avoid Arbitration With Chapman

The Yanks today avoided arbitration with Aroldis Chapman by signing him to a one year 11.325M contract.    That sets them up to see how he plays out and either extend him or offer him arbitration again next year as he hits free agency.  Hopefully, they are thinking about extending Dellin Betances. Yes, pitchers and players get injured, but teams would be wise to lock up the good ones till age 30 as soon as they can.   The Yanks should have gotten way ahead of Cano's free agency, for example.

McAdoo Hires Zgonina, Staff Complete?

Was kind of hoping they got Zgonina for the DL rotation, instead of the staff.  Coming out of Purdue as a 7th rounder for the Steelers in 1993, Jeff went on to play 17 years in the NFL.  That's insane and not only will he bring all that experience to his charges on the DL, but he should be a shining example to the entire team on how it's done.   Really intriguing hire.  Also, I'm not sure this completes the staff, or if they're bringing in another assistant or two, and I also don't know if Lunda Wells is still around, who had been or is the assistant OL coach.   I guess they'll announce it soon, if not today.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Giants OL, Going Forward

When the Giants hired Mike Solari a week or two ago (I've literally lost track of Giant time lately waiting for them to announce the new staff), I wondered how he'd appraise the roster, notably the now bigger three of Flowers, Pugh and Richburg.   Apparently he sees no need for training wheels, and may even see a way to finally get the OL fixed in one offseason.   Right now the Giants are set at three positions and still need two more guys.  Can Bobby Hart play RG?  Not sure anyone knows for sure yet, but they do need a starting tackle. I'd like to see them sign Mitch Schwartz or someone else who can play RT, and then grab another Guard who can compete with Hart in the draft.   They'll still need more depth as Jerry and Newhouse haven't gotten it done.

Giants Release Beatty, Schwartz and Beason

The Giants today added to their available cap space by cutting oft injured OL's Will Beatty and Geoff Schwartz and oft injured LB Jon Beason.  Both were good players, and not part of the "talent problem" but they rarely played.  Each cut creates "dead money."   So the cap savings isn't huge,  but all cap room will help as they have needs all over the place.   And of course, now, they have big needs on OL and at LB, again.  Seems like they maybe starting to overcome their tendancy to plan on relying on guys like this, and are taking a really critical look at their roster.

Monday, February 08, 2016

Knicks Fire Fisher

After losing 9 of their last 10 games, the Knicks today have fired Derek Fisher and made Kurt Rambis the interim head coach.  I was looking for a picture of Kurt in his old Knicks uni, from when he signed a couple of ten day contracts with the Knicks be heading to the Lakers back in the day.  Perhaps he's suppressed all the evidence.  In any event, when your team is losing games because of your coach's decisions, it's time to switch.  I think it's very likely that the Knicks will go after Luke Walton to be their Head Coach this summer, unless Rambis sets the world on fire down the stretch.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

This Week on the Blog

I was going to write this earlier today, but the first bit of news I saw was the story about Jay Bromley, and, thus decided to put the regular article aside for the time being.  Meanwhile, I have nothing to say about Bromley.  No judgment to make, and nothing to write about.  So onto our usual four.

Giants: The Giants will probably introduce their new coaching staff this week, and McAdoo may or may not have finished his film review of last season.  I suppose some cuts and negotiations are on the way ahead of free agency in March.  Of course, four of them are playing in the Pro Bowl tomorrow and let's hope they make it out alright.  The FO must also be at work on both their FA Board and Draft Board.  The Giants have a mind numbing number of roster needs, but also a ton of cap room and the ability to make more.

Knicks:  The Knicks have to start the week against the Warriors tomorrow night, then things will, necessarily get easier.  You have to like the effort they are giving almost every night, and a run is still not out of the question.  What's in the question is whether or not they'll make moves at the deadline, or whether they'll keep their powder dry for the offseason.

Rangers: the Rangers are on their all-star break till Tuesday, and they're another team that has to decide what to do at the deadline.  They're still capped up tight and must look at selling or selling while buying.  They need to keep playing better.  It was nice to see Miller, McDonagh and Kreider starting to come alive before the break.  Zucc needed the help, and Hayes was playing better, too.

Yanks: We're going to get a bunch of ARod the mentor stories.  And you know what, I bless him for that.  And I believe he's really into it.  The prospects have largely returned to Tampa and their supervised works out by now and it's just 18 days till pitchers and catchers report.  Of course, things can happen in February -  like ARod 12 years ago - so stay vigilant.

I'll try to get more posts done this week, but I've been distracted by a few situations.   I hope each of you has a great one.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

This Week on the Blog

This past week saw the Knicks and Rangers lose some they shouldn't have, as well as Coach McAdoo starting to assemble his staff.  Thankfully, the Yanks did nothing and still have the #19 pick in the draft.  What can we expect this week?

Rangers:  The Rangers have to keep playing better, and decide whether or not they'll be buyers, sellers or both at the trade deadline.  This is Gorton's first with GM control, and it will be a huge relief if he either can find more picks, or refrains throwing future 1's in with any deal he makes.

Knicks: Now Carmelo's left knee is acting up.   And that's on top of their back to back no-shows on Friday and Saturday.  A week or so ago, I was thinking playoffs, but now I'm thinking getting a new coach is the best next step, as making the playoffs would probably make it harder to switch coaches.

Giants:  Feels like McAdoo is waiting on some DL coach whose team is still in the playoffs. Not only have the Giants not hired a DL coach, but no names have even been linked with the job opening.  Once that's done, it appears McAdoo will anounce them all at once.   Meanwhile, McAdoo and his growing staff have been self scouting and reviewing the Giants 2015 season.  Thus they have stronger stomachs than I do.

Yanks: This is the time of year when a lot of the prospects start heading to Tampa for training and instruction.  They still might trade for a starter, but it's seeming less and less likely, and they have protected their pick, so that's good.

I hope the snow isn't ruining any of your lives and wish you each a great week!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Giants Add LB Coach Bill McGovern

The Giants have hired former Eagle LB Coach Bill McGovern.  You'd think his Eagle connection would mean he's a Spags guy, but they weren't there at the same time.  In fact, it seems McGovern, who in a Coughlinesque dream scenario had been DC at BC for a long tme, might have intersected with McAdoo at the University of Pittsburgh in the `90s.   This guy brings a ton of collegiate experience and that should make him a good teacher.  The bad news is that he was Mark Herzlich's college coordinator, so we still might not be able to cut bait.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Giants Add OL Coach Solari and Others

The Giants seem to be filling out Ben McAdoo's first coaching staff.  It's just coming out that Mike Solari will be the new OL coach.  It's unknown at this point whether Lunda Wells was invited to stay on as assistant OL coach.  Solari's had a long career, and though some will posit he is a big time zone proponent, that's not altogether accurate.  Both his Chiefs lines and 49er lines were plenty physical and he should love the Giants young trio of Pugh, Richburg and Flowers.   We'll see what he can do with the rest or what influence he has over the type of OL's we sign and draft now.   He does like to get the Guards and C out to the second level, so it shouldn't be all that different from what TC liked in lineplay.

They also seem to have added Frank Cignetti Jr. as QB Coach.  McAdoo seems to have known Cignetti since college, and may actually be filling the McAdoo Confidante role that Philbin, momentarily, seemed bound for.  It's unclear how much of a QB coach Eli needs at this point, as both McAdoo and Coach Sullivan are among his favorite people and well versed in what Eli needs to do to shine.

No names seem to be emerging on the DL, and Mike Singletary was in today talking about being the linebacking coach.