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Monday, November 30, 2015

Rangers Finally Win

The Rangers got two first period power play goals, from MZA and Oscar, then up a goal in the first two minutes of the second period, then got another one from Kreider about a minute later, and one from Brassard a bit later, to make if 4-1.  Then they almost gave it all back.   Rask scored late in the second to make it 4-2,  and Terry scored on a breakaway in the third to make it 4-3.  Nash couldn't convert his breakaway in the third and the Rangers started getting trapped in their own end again.   They won't be able to win like this against good teams, or goodish teams as we've seen.   What's more, Klein got hurt and didn't return.

So, though the win was much needed, they still showed many of the weaknesses they've been showing all year.  Kreider scoring was, as always a good sign, and if he can get going, that will be huge.   Meanwhile, if Klein is going to be out, Skjei should be up and playing.   In fact, McIlrath shoul also be playing.   I bet they won't funble around in their own end as much as the rest of them have.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

This Week on the Blog

This past week was pretty brutal for the Knicks and Rangers, and a lot of nothing for the Yanks and Knicks.  That said, I hope you all had and are having a wonderful holiday weekend.  Can this week be better?

Giants: The Giant lines are decimated, but if they can find a way to beat Washington today, their playoff picture brightens.   Hakeem Nicks is active and we'll see if he and Eli have any of their old chemistry.  Ruben Randle has never adequately replaced what Nicks was in his first few years, and Nicks is the model for a WR that could compliment Odell.   I'd feel a lot better if Pugh and Richburg were playing, though.

Rangers:  Everything that the Rangers had been doing wrong while they were winning, finally came back to bite them in their collective ass this week.  Sheesh.  Their inabiility to clear their zone and tendancy to get bottled up in their own end is embarrassing.   And not only is Stepan now missing but Kreider is missing in action and has been all season.  Something's got to change, and I'd love to see if Brady Skjei, who can really skate, could help solve the breakout problem they have.

Knicks:  The Knicks 4 game winning streak morphed into a 3 game losing streak.  That doesn't bother me terribly because they are still being built.  What does bother me is that young players like O'Quinn, Grant and Galloway are losing minutes to guys who won't be around when the Knicks are ready to rumble.  Thus development is not being properly administered by Coach Fisher, and combined with his lack of late game strategy it seems pretty pointless to have him as the Knicks coach.  It would be better to find a current version of Hubie Brown while these kids are learning their way, but I'm not sure who that is.  But the job here and now is to develop the kids, and eventually move Melo.

Yankees:  The Yanks look like they'll stay trade-centric this offseason, and those could start at any minute.  They haven't been linkey too heavily with any of the free agents, and their really isn't anyone I'd want to see them give up their picks to sign.   So, once again this year we are probably hoping harder against the negatives (giving up the picks or trading the prospects) than we are for adding talent.   It's an interesting position in which we find ourselves.

In any event, a Giant win better be on the way, and it would be nice if the Knicks could win later today, too.  Have a great week, everyone.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope all of you have the best the day and season can offer.   Thanks for reading and commenting!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Rangers Win

The Rangers just shutout Nashville 3-0.   Hank had to be sharp, because they are still not playing anywhere near well enough.   That said, the goals came from Nash, Stepan and Hayes, all of whom need to score more, as do Kreider, Miller and others.   Staal and Yandle both collected assists and it seems like the D's are assisting more frequently through the early going this year.  But, another big win and a bit of a balm for the Knick performance or lack thereof.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

This Week on the Blog

It was a quiet and somewhat disappointing week, save for the performances of Porzingis and MZA. Let's see if this week can be better.

Yankees: the Yanks only protected three of extra minor leaguers on Friday, so they could get exploited again in the rule 5 which is still a ways away.   There've been some trade rumors around both Brett Gardner and Andrew Miller.  Either should command a strong return, particularly Miller, and it cannot be like the crap we got in the Lowell, RJ or Sheff trades.  They have to be good trades.

Giants:  The Giants are off this week, although they've been off most weeks of the season.  This week they have to hope they can get Prince and maybe one or two others for their stretch drive.  Amazingly, they could still make the playoffs with a strong finish.

Knicks:  Despite Coach Fisher's many ponderous moves, the Knicks are now on a winning streak.  This is largely because either Melo or Porzingis has been super dominant over each of the last few games.  Let's see if they can both get hot at the same time.   In KP's case, 2 of his last three games have been sensational, and he still has to find consistency with his threes and his night to night.  The Knicks have to figure out if that will be possible with Melo on the team.  Whether it is or isn't it may be time to start marketing Melo at the deadline or prior to the draft.

Rangers:  The Rangers are 15-3-2 and they still haven't played as well as they can.   Nash may have broken out of his slump, that started during the second half of last season.  It will be interesting to see if the Rangers market him.   They're still not getting what they should from Kreider, Stepan and some of the others, but they are winning, and that will, hopefully, let them make the playoffs without having to play at playoff intensity for two months before the playoffs.

Over, let's hope the Knicks and Ranger keep rolling, and let's hope the Yanks have trade luck.  The Giants don't play till one week from today, so let's hope they can avoid non-football injuries till then. Have a great week everyone!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Kristaps Conquers Houston

After a sort of middling night last night, Kristaps Porzingas went off for the second time in three games tonight.  He just scored 24 points, while grabbing 14 boards and blocking 7 shots.  He also had two assists and was charged with only 1pf.   This was in thirty five minutes in the second of back to backers. Melo only played 24 and scored 14 with 6 boards, and Lance Thomas played too much again.   Let's hope they get that figured out.  Because winning, is like better than losing, man.  Also. the time to build around Kristaps and move Melo is coming, if it's not already here.

Rangers Win in OT

After scoring the Rangers first two goals of the game in regulation, Rick Nash completed the hat trick by getting the game winner in OT.   MZA continued his monster year with a goal and two assists, and Viktor Stalberg scored on assists from Miller and Oscar.   The defense needs to play better as 4 goals in regulation should be all it ever takes, but I am a little concerned that Hank is coming back to earth. Something to watch.   Important win though, after the inexcusable loss the other night.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Knicks Beat Oklahoma

The Knicks just beat Oklahoma 93-90.  Melo had 25 and nobody else really had big numbers.  Zinger was 7 and 6 and was being held like a newborn whenever he was in.  The big thing tonight was that the Knicks were able to hit 12 threes with few misses.  Duran wasn't playing, but Westbrook was and it's always hard to beat them.   In the last few minutes Calderon and Lopez tried to give away the game, but tonight even they couldn't.