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Friday, August 01, 2014

Yanks Lose Again

Yanks just lost the first game of the Drew/Prado era.    It was a game against a guy making him MLB debut, so it was easy to predict that they would.    McCann failed to convert some opportunities.  Jeter hit a home run.  And I guess the really surprising thing was that Capuano made a second Yankee start.  It seemed a forgone conclusion that they would get a starter at the deadline.  But they didn't.   I wouldn't be surprised if they pick up Zach McAllister  who was just DFA'd by Cleveland.   They still need Castillo.

Yankees System Review: Catchers

The Yankees had enough talent at catcher to become self-sufficient.  Instead, they signed Brian McCann to a 5 year deal and blocked a whole conga line of prospects.    Since Damon Oppenheimer took over the draft, the Yanks have picked C's most years, while the IFA team has pursued them under two different administrations.

Cervelli is homegrown, and was signed under the corrupt IFA guys.   He's a solid back up who will probably be paid to start for some NL team as soon as he becomes a FA.  He's not worth the arbitration offer, so it would be wise to trade him now.

John Ryan Murphy is next up.   The Yanks drafted him in the second round in 2009, and though he was mostly a 3B when they got him, he has sailed through the system as a C, and with no one questioning that he can play C in the bigs.   He will most likely be part of the catching equation starting next year.   He was doing well in the bigs this year, then he was sent down and got out of sorts.  Lately he's been hitting like a good prospect again.

Austin Romine is also at AAA.  He's really getting screwed by the McCann signing.   He probably would have been Murphy's back up next year, after Cervelli is gone.   He's had an up an down minor league career since he was also a second round pick for the Yanks.   This year, he's been hitting well.   They might want to try to throw him into a trade somehow, too.  Perhaps this offseason.  He can be a back-up.

In AA, Gary Sanchez is the next big ticket after Murphy.  He's got great power, but is a streaky hitter.  He's also got a great arm.  He's had some trouble with passed balls, but it has largely coincided with the organizational issue with fastball control.   He should do better with major league pitchers who can hit the mitt.   People try to throw him into the Montero league of questionable catchers, but he's not that if you look at him objectively.   He's also not the hitting machine Montero was in the minors.

They've also got Francisco Arcia, who has looked like a player at timea, and Tyson Blaser who is an older guy at 27 or so.

In High A, they're sort of going with organizational guys Trent Garrison and Wes Wilson.   With catchers even org guys can end up as major league back ups because some teams don't care if their catcher can hit as long as everything isn't going to the back stop.

Charleston had Luis Torrens to start the season.  He may be the best of the bunch.   He's another guy with an advanced hit tool, whom they got as a 3B and are making into a C.  He's taken to it better than anyone since Murphy.   However, he got injured and after his injury assignment he was returned to SI, not Charleston.    I think he'd be back at Charleston, but he is killing it in SI and they've just about become a .500 team since he joined.  Oh, and he has the walk gene.

In his place in Charleston, they have Jackson Valera, who was a vaunted IFA at one time, and Kale Sumner, who was a versatile college senior pick last year, and walks a bunch.

Down at SI they have Luis Torrens.   But they also have Isaias Tejeda.    Tejeda was an exciting guy a few years ago, then he forgot how to hit.   This year he remembered and is hitting .330.   He's really due a promotion since this is his third season with SI, but we'll see what happens.  He's a good, athletic defensive C.  Colin Slaybaugh is also there and he's that senior we drafted in June who can play C and CF.   Interesting guy.

On GCL1 they have a rehabbing Higgy, who's back from Tommy John and still cannot hit.   They also have another 24 year old named Roybell Herrera.   They also have a 20 year old named Alvaro Noriega who isn't hitting much and a 19 year old named Brian Reyes who had an encouraging first season in the DSL but hasn't done much since.   Our lack of a draft pool and dearth of prep picks this year is showing up here.

The GCL 2 has Kevin Alexander, a 23 year old who is OPSing over .900 and needs a bigger challenge.   They also have Jesus Aparicio whom they though could hit but hasn't yet.  He'll turn 19 in a few weeks.  They also have Rainiera Coa, who's 21 and has been unimpressive.

There was a guy who was promoted from the DSL to one of the GCL teams, but I can't think of his name and he doesn't seem to be active.   They also have that Australian kid somewhere who makes rare appearances.

They didn't have the pool money for a high upside prep C in the draft this year, but they did get one in IFA., his name is Miguel Flames and he has a big hit tool.  His raw power is a hair below where Sanchez's was and he too is a conversion, but they say he has good hands.    So we'll see.

In all, we have 3 worth writing home about right now in Murphy, Sanchez and Torrens.    We have some future back ups lead by Romine.   And we have a possible surprise in Tejeda, who needs another challenge, finally.   Flames will probably be in the DSL next year, unless he's made enough progress to come over through instructs and camp.

McCann is blocking the top guys for the next few years, but he'll be a bad DH in the not too distant, and Cervelli will be a FA if he's not traded, so there's room for one more next year.   In the meantime, the Yanks should keep their first rounder and the one they get for Robertson if it goes that way, juice up the draft budget again and find another C.   We're solid but don't have any projectable stars between Sanchez and Torrens or below.  Maybe Flames, but he hasn't played yet.

Giants Sign CB Chandler Fenner

The Giants have signed CB Chandler Fenner and waived-injured CB Travis Howard.    Fenner was a bit of a small school gem two years ago coming out of Holy Cross.   The Chiefs signed him in the scramble after the `12 draft, but I bet the Giants liked him.  Anyway, he bounced from the Chiefs to the Seattle Seahawks and was on their PSquad when they won the Super Bowl.  They just cut him three days ago to make room for T2.   And now he's a Giant.  Good athlete, was about 10 pounds less than you'd like for a 6'1" CB in his draft year.

Yanks Send Down Zoilo and Zealous

The Yanks have sent down Zoilo Almonte, after calling him up to platoon with Ichiro,  Weirdly now Martin Prado looks like he'll be in that roll, and, like Ichiro, he's been useless against RHP's too.   Wheeler was the other move.   How do we still have Ichiro?

Giants Sign OL Adam Gress and DL Troy Kropog

The Giants today announced the signing former PSU Tackle Adam Gress to replace Kropog on the roster.   Gress was okay, but needs to get a lot stronger to have a career in the NFL.  Might be an interesting PSquad addition.   Doubt he gets into the game this weekend.

Giants This Weekend

While we celebrate the Hall of Fame induction of one of the greatest two way DE's ever to play the game, Michael Strahan, the current Giants will be getting ready to help honor him  and the rest to the HoF class in an exhibition game.

This should be pretty interesting because the Giants will have to start unveiling this new offense, first, they need the reps and second they don't have anything left that they've been practice that could disguise it.   You might remember that during the Coughlin/Gilbride years, they used to play vanilla with the offensive starters then start running the funky stuff with the back ups.    They can't afford to do that now.

They'll definitely have Odell and Wilson on the sidelines for this one, and that's a ton of their speed.   We should get good looks at Richburg, Williams and the rest of the picks.   And we'll definitely see how the new line and linemen are coming along, except for Jerry, who still hasn't played.   Beatty was sick yesterday, so who knows about him.   Should be great to have the Giants back.   No injuries!

Yanks: Tanaka to See the Doctor Today

Yankee Ace, Masahiro Tanaka will go see his doctor today to see if he can be cleared to start a throwing program.    If he's not, I don't know how much longer they will wait to do TJS.   This has been a horrible break for both Tanaka and the team, so I wish him the best, whether than means a throwing program or TJS, I don't know.  

Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Rest of the Yankee To-Do List

So the MLB Non-waiver trade deadline passed today, and the Yanks picked up two players by trade and 1 by their latest waiver claim.    The Yanks also DFA'd Roberts and Sizemore.   So are they done this season?   I doubt it.  Should they be?  Absolutely not.

The Yanks have a few things they should do to both feather their beds for now and into the future.   First, they should sign Cuban OF Rusney Castillo.   Combined with Gardy and Ellsbury, he'd give the Yanks an OF composed entirely of really fast CF's.  What's more he's apparently got more pop than either Gardner 1 or 2.     This is a no brainer.   Give him a four year deal and get it done.  It will help now and in the future.

Next, the Yankees really should work out an extension for DRob.   They didn't trade him at the deadline and they can't afford to lose him for a draft pick, unless they refrain from blowing that pick on another old FA.   If they can't get that done in August, they have to waive him and either make a trade with the claiming team or hope he passes through so they can trade him to a contender by the 31st of August.

Finally, they have to waive everyone.   They can rescind anyone they can't make a deal for, and they can use this tool to pair down their median age.  Also a player like Cervelli might be of use to a team if a catcher gets hurt.  They should really get going on this process, since they'll know one way or another about Tanaka and Pineda in the next week or so.   And those two will determine if we can even make a run.

Yanks: Refsnyder To 2nd For the Rest of the Year

So after the acquired the infielders today, and with the purported idea that Prado will start out in right,   Cash announced that the OF work with Refsnyder was over for the year and he would go back to playing 2B all the time in preparation for the future.    That's a good outcome for today.  Still, RF is about Prado's 4th most comfortable position and he's seem to be in a three way arrangement with Ichiro and Zoilo there.   So that bares watching, and I still expect them to make  run at Rusney Castillo.    Feels like Ichiro or Zoilo will be in motion tomorrow.  

Yanks Save the Crown Jewels At the Deadline, But---

Okay, the deadline has passed and Severino, Clarkin, Judge, Jags, Bird, Cave and others are still Yankees.   They did however trade Peter O'Brien for Martin Prado.    Prado is having a subpar year against RHP, but he is defensively versatile for a team that is defensively terrible.    They are taking on his full deal which is 2 more years at 11M a pop.   That's a salary dump, ladies.   And when you take on a salary dump, even if the guy still has value, you don't trade assets  that should be saved for a non-salary dump type of deal.  Peter O'Brien was that kind of asset.   Sure there are holes in his swing but he was starting to tame it a bit lately, and his power is prodigious, in an era where it's hard to find.  Thus he should have gone in a trade with other parts for a young core player.  Not a utility guy making 11M per annum.   That said, I saw no future for him as a Yank and I do despise low OBP players.    I can't call a guy Shelley Duncan II, and then carp too much when he gets traded for anything.   Still, they probably should have held on a bit longer.

That said, the bigger picture is that the crown jewels were saved, and that's great news.  I will start doing the positional analysis as soon as I rest up.

UPDATE: And the Yankees also DFA'd Roberts and Sizemore.

Martin Prado is a Yankee

The Yanks have also acquired versatile Martin Prado here at the deadline.  Don't know who for yet and the people reporting don't seem interested in telling us.  Will update.

Dear lord, they say the deal was for Peter O'Brien.  Now Pete doesn't get on base enough, but he has rare power.   Got to make sure on this one.   Would have saved O'Brien for a good player.

Stephen Drew is a Yankee

Don't know what we gave up, if anything, yet.    Didn't want him even independent of the draft pick during the offseason.    My opinion hasn't changed.  Apparently it's for Kelly Johnson.  Eh.

Yanks Reportedly Claim Esmil Rogers Off Waivers from Toronto

Fungible relief pitcher.  Had a great age 26 year for Cleveland but below average since.  Gives up homers.

Yanks At The Deadline

There's a little over 5 hours till the deadline.   So far the Yanks haven't done anything stupid or crazy. Nor have they shown any inclination to improve future versions of the team by selling off Robertson, Kuroda or anything else.   Since they are over .500, it's inevitable that a trade or two will be made today.   Let's just hope the best prospects are still on the farm after the trade deadline.   If they are I will start my series on the positional depth or lack thereof around the system.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Yanks Lose Series to Bad Team

Gardner lead of the game with yet another homer and things looks good.  Unfortunately,  Kuroda did not.   Later after it was 3-1, Gardner's clone, Ellsbury hit one, and things started to look good again.  But they were not. There were no more big hits.  

So tomorrow the Yanks have a day off.  And the front office should take one, too, unless they plan on selling or contracting Castillo.    Their best bet is to sign Castillo then hope for August help from Pineda and either Tanaka or farm auditions.  Call up Refsnyder to play second and Pirela  to help if he can't, as well as play other positions and be the super ute we need.   Then let's see what happens.  if they can string some together make a salary dump waiver trade in August for more pitching.   But get Castillo and call up the kids.   Plan ahead.

Yanks Should Sign Castillo, Not Trade for Byrd or Rios

Obviously, there's more of an unknown involved with Castillo, but there's also age and cost on his side.   Sure he might command some bucks, but he won't command any of the assets we're finally starting to accrue on the farm.  In fact, he becomes another young asset on a tradable deal.   Byrd or Rios cost control and the Yanks would be foolish to spend that on either of those guys.

Yanks: More Promotions

Justin Kamplain, the lefty out of Alabama, was making a joke out of the NYPL and pitching to a .43 or so ERA, so they've promoted him to Charleston.   They also clarified that Ty Hensley and LHP Andrew Chin are headed to the NYPL, that Kamplain is done spitting on.

Kamplain's interesting.  Obviously, a pitch-ability lefty, and kind of small, but he was just destroying the NYPL.  Btw, they should probably promote some of the other college players from that team to Charleston.  And they should promote Mark Payton from Charleston to Tampa.  They can't get him out in the Sally.

They should also promote Simon De la Rosa to the NYPL from the GCL.  His ERA is down to 2.12 and he's K'ing 1 per inning.   He's already 21 so they should start moving him up.

Also, hard throwing Philip Walby was promoted from Charleston to Tampa.

Yankee Crossroads

While the Red Sox prepare to collect on their FA to be, Lester, and perhaps Lackey, who is not a FA to be, the Yanks have a big decision to make of their own.  David Robertson will be a free agent unless they sign him before free agency starts, and if they're not going to do that, they should trade him here at the deadline.   There is almost no chance the Yanks are winning #28 this year, and during years like this they have to get stronger for year's when they can.   That gives them two choices with Robertson, first is re-sign him, the second is trade him, but they have to make that decision now.  They cannot afford to have another Cano situation, where they lost a massive asset for nothing.

Giants Will Be Missing Some Speed In the HoF Game

Thanks to a hammy and a burner, both Odell Beckham Jr. and David Wilson will be out of preseason game 1.    It appears right now that both could return next week, so they will have full camps as there are 4 more preseason games left.   Beckham should be fine, and Wilson is seeing his surgeon, so we must hope that's fine.  Ruben Randle tweaked his hamstring yesterday, so it will be Cruz , Jernigan and the no-names on Sunday.   Than ought to disguise our new O a bit.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Yanks Win Ugly

First, pray to the man in the picture.  Second, pray that Warren, Betances and Robertson get their stuff back together.   They almost gave away a 10-4 game, that they should have been used in in the first place!   Another great game by Gardy and a later homer for occasional Yankee Tex saved it for the good guys, but this team almost lost two in a row to the worst team in the AL, and they have no business trying to go for it this year.   They are far away and may have already blown out their bullpen.   Paul Quantrill and Scott Procter are probably dictating amicus curiae to Supreme Court to put stop to this abuse of the A relievers.   Of course they'd write the letters -- if only they still could.   Frustrating game, after they showed a lot of moxie coming back from down 3-0.   It was also the first time they'd scored in double digits since April.  This was the longest double digit drought since the DH was introduced in 1973.    Yikes.  

Severino Dominant Again In His Latest

Luis Severino was dominant again in his third AA start.  He went 5.2 innings, striking out 7 and walking 2 (he was clearly getting squeezed, btw).   He gave up two hit, the first of which was a bunt (pussies!), and then he gave up a triple in the 6th.  He gave up 1 unearned run, so I guess he didn't really give it up.  Nick Goody came in and K'd the last batter of the 6th.  He's really good, too.  Just the latest reason why the Yanks should NOT trade Severino.   We don't get many of these type guys with all of the limits on what we can do.

Yanks: Pineda to Make First Rehab Start on Sunday

Michael Pineda will pitch in his first rehab game Sunday.   Markovits is reporting they will limit him to 65 pitches.   He'll probably only make two more rehab starts after that.   So if all goes well, and isn't time something did?  We'll see him in August.   How long we'll see him for is anybody's guess.

Giants: David Wilson Leaves Practice with a Burner

So, David Wilson left Giant practice today with a burner.  Which simply is a neck stretch that causes tingling in the shoulder and arms.   It is probably not related to a recurrence of the issue Wilson had this past offseason, but they probably will force him to wear more protective stuff when he returns.  I kind of expected something like this from his lack of football activity over the offseason.   He could have a bunch of adhesions or scar tissue in there.   We'll see what happens.  Hopefully, it's nothing serious for him.

Yanks: Two Days Left Till the Trade Deadline

There are two days and a few hours to go till this years non-waiver trade deadline.  Teams can actually still squander significant non 40 man assets well into August's waiver deadline.    The Yanks have been smart and picky so far, even in the face of some terrifying claims by their GM Brian Cashman.   His latest intimates that we have high upside players, all of whom would be available under the right circumstances.

Chilling words from the man who can trade the prospects.  Of course it's not always wrong to trade prospects and there are some I'd be willing to trade, but this market is ludicrous.   I wouldn't trade a good prospect for a rental, like Lester.   And I don't think Lester or Price are remotely available to the Yanks in trade.  Also Price has been losing velo.   We already have to model of lefty on the shelf in CC.   Lester we can get as a FA if we want to.   Of course, I'd rather not do that either.

Anyway no one is worth the top of the farm, not even Hammels.     The players who are worth the most are guys like Trout, and they don't become available.  

If Cash were to trade Severino and Judge or whoever, he'd not only be giving possible all stars, but he'd be giving up 12 years of control.   The Yankee replacement cost for a top starter and an all start right fielder for those 12 years would run over 100M.     That's literally how stupid it would be.  Out the door it would be a 100M mistake.  That's why they can't trade anyone who is good enough to be a Yankee regular.   The cost is murderous.

Their best bet for the foreseeable future is to keep growing the farm until they not only have future cost saving Yankees, they also have extra guys who they can trade and feel like big shots.

But what's out there right now is not worth the still somewhat fragile top of the farm.   It's just not.   Keep dumpster diving and keep working the international market.

UPDATE:  btw, once the deadline passes, I will start taking a look at our positional depth by position.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Yanks Farm: Clarkin Announces Ty Henley Has Been Promoted

Ian Clarkin just tweeted that Ty Hensley has been promoted.   I'm not sure whether that means to SI or Charleston.   Probably SI since he's only been making partial starts.   It's good to finally get our injury plagued 2012 first rounders career out of the GCL.   As you'll recall, when drafted he was and still is a prototypical, top of the rotation type, right handed power pitcher.   He's a guy who could now soar in the rankings if he stays healthy.   And he was one of the guys I was alluding to earlier when I said it will turn out we have more than 2 of the top 100 in our system already.   Congrats to Ty!

Giants Claim OL Mark Asper and Waive OL DeMarcus Love

Today the Giants picked up former Oregon Duck OL on waivers from the Bills.  Don't remember if he played with either Schwartz brother, but he was in the 2012 -- even he'll turn 29 this year.   I think he's a Mormon and did a mission.  I'm sure we'll find out.   More stuff for the bottom of the roster.

Yanks: Zoilo Re-Called, Francis DFA'd

Zoilo Almonte was recalled today, presumably to form a RF platoon with Ichiro.   He should hit some homers, but his overall OBP is week, if they keep him in the proper platoon, he should be okay. I don't know why they had to DFA Francis since Zoilo was already on the 40.  Now they should have an opening on the 40.

Yanks One of Three Teams Scheduling Private Workouts With Castillo

This is getting interesting.   Since Saturday's showcase, according to BA, the Yanks are one of three teams scheduling a private workout with Cuban speedster Rusney Castillo.   The additional workout fits in with the multiple looks the Yanks like to get before signing their IFA's and the IFA team were the ones looking on Saturday.  If he's the goods let's hope they don't get outbid again by one of the so called small market teams that have been extorting money from them all these years...

If you'll recall, a week or so ago, we talked about how staying out of the deep end of the Cuban talent pool over the past few years, was hurting this year's club.   Maybe they're ready to start using it again.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Yanks Lose Again

Yanks blew another one today.   And this time, the A bullpen stunk.   Go figure.   But they wrapped up their longest home stand of the year with a 7-3 record.  If they keep playing .700 for awhile, they should be able to hang onto their wild card berth.    For reasons unknown, Tulo was at the game today.

Rangers Reportedly Give Brassard 5/25M

This seems weird.  The Rangers have reportedly avoided arbitration with Brassard by giving him more than he was asking for.  This must be a structure thing where they don't use AAV for some reason.   And now they're going to have to give Stepan more.   This is curious, though it is good to have him locked up. He's been money in the playoffs.

Giants: The Mosley Factor

The buzz coming out of the Giants Camp and Organization about OG/OT Brandon Mosley.  This can be a really big deal if it turns into production and Mosley turns out to be "a guy."   We talked about this throughout the offseason, but the Giants went in having just Justin Pugh as a definite and really needing 4 more guys.  It really looked like a 2 year rebuild.   We're still probably going to have do do one more thing next offseason, but if Mosley is a guy, it gives the line rebuild a huge boost.

When he was drafted out of Auburn, Mosley drew comparisons to a young David Diehl.    Though he's physically similar to Diehl, Dave had a lot more OL experience than Mosley did when he was drafted.  Mosley had been a TE, and when you watch college tapes of him, you would see that he was game, but didn't use his leverage like a more experienced guy would.   Then he looked bad in the 2012 preseason games before getting hurt. He was sort of nondescript last year, in pre, then played well in games before getting hurt again.

But the buzz now is that he's getting consistent. And Shaun O'Hara likes his punch. So this is getting really intriguing.   If he can be one of the guards going forward, all we have to do next offseason is get a more physical left tackle -- or move Pugh to OLT and draft another physical ORT, that might be preferable, especially if it looks like we need to get a DE first next year.

So keep an eye on Mosley when the preseason games start.    This could be a big story.

Yanks Farm: Clarkin And Banuelos Pitch Today

Manny Banuelos who had had a tough time in his recovery from TJS finally looked lights out again in his last AA start.   We'll see if he can do it again and end the season on an upward tilt.    Ian Clarkin gets another start in low A.   They've been adding an inning at a time since he came back from the twisted ankle.   Should be up to 4 innings, perhaps 5 today.   These are probably our two most important lefties.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Yanks Had The IFA Team In FL to Watch Castillo Today

The Yanks haven't gone big for any of the most recent Cuban players, that may be changing.   They had their big guys from IFA including Donny Rowland and his cross checkers, as well as a pro scout down in Florida to watch Castillo's work out today.   These are the guys who signed all the kids earlier this month, and probably interrupted more of their international work to come to Florida and watch Castillo today.   This might be a sign that they're ready to do something here.  Supposedly he's a "Brett Gardner with Power."  That would make him our 3rd big league Brett Gardner.  And along with Slade Heathcott, our second organizational "Brett Gardner with Power."  We'll see.

This Week on the Blog

Big week on the blog, as each of our 4 favorite teams face different issues.

Yankees:  This is the scary one.  The Trade Deadline is on Thursday, and we have pray they don't trade Severino, Clarkin, Judge, Jags, Bird and a few others.  The Yanks are finally starting to produce some kids who look like Real Live Yankees.   It would be yet the latest example of their pound foolishness to trade them.   Beyond that, they have to try to win the last game of the home stand and take their act on the road.

Giants:  The Giants will endure their second week of camp and will be really getting ready to play the Hall of Fame Game.   Tomorrow will be their first day in pads.  No injuries, please.

Rangers:  Rangers stil have to get John Moore and Brassard figured out.  Plus, I still think they'll make a big trade for a C.   So beware of that.

Knicks:  People are reportedly laughing at their trade offer for  Kevin Love.  The internet if funny that way.  I want to hang onto Amare for his expiring contract. It's valuable even if he isn't anymore.  Anyway, we'll see what plan B is.

Should be an interesting week, even if it will be scary till the 31st.  Be smart, teams!

Yank Lose

So between Brian Roberts poor fielding, which lead to Toronto's first lead, Joe Girardi was unable to get to his favored bullpen formula going, and when he goes off the script, anything can happen.   Strangely, he went with Chase Whitley down a run.   Chase is the guy they need to slow down for innings count reasons.  And it was a one run game when he came in.    It backfired.   Oh well.  Capuano was actually okay.  That being said, they will still overlook Roberts' horrible D and Girardi's poor bullpen choice and go an get another starter...

Yanks: Capuano Gets the Start

So the recently acquired by and for Cash, Chris Capuano is going to make his first Yankee start today, and I wouldn't be surprised if it is also his last start.   Here's why, it's already the 26th, and the deadline is 5 days away.  It's really unlikely, even if Capuano throws a perfecto today, that Cash won't still be looking for a better other starter.   I say other starter because with Tanaka, Pineda, CC and Nova all out, all we have is other starters and no classic one, two, three, four or five.    Bunch of three/four's really.   I think they'll snap someone else up in the next few, and he will take Capuano's spot.   And then Chris may ride the DFA train.  

I think he was really just brought in to pick up a Whitley start, and that's it.   All he cost was Cash.   So he could be making a brief one.