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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Have a great one, everyone!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Yanks: The Two Yoan Theory

Today, the Yanks were linked with another Cuban named Yoan.  This one is a 21 year old 6'4" 190 RHP named Yoan Lopez.  Like Yoan Moncada, he will count against the Yankees already blown out IFA pool, and like Moncada, they should sign him.

As policy, the Yanks should be grabbing every electric arm or bat they can, whenever the rules permit.  From now until 6/15/15 they can grab any IFA they fancy for just money without being punished any further.   Can't do it again in IFA until, 2017 so it's necessary for them to keep "gaming" the IFA market now.  Then their best bets become hitting on some draft picks -- which is easier to do when you keep them -- and going for Asian and over 25 IFA's going forward.

Bur they absolutely should start by grabbing both Yoans.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Yankees: The Cold Stove?

Can't find my cold stove picture I use around now every year.  Oh, well.  No worries, because I am glad it is cold, and hope it only warms up for internationals, this time around.   And, by the way, the major downside of sitting tight has not been witnessing what other teams have done, it's been seeing the incredible number of columns and mentions of the Yanks signing career minor leaguer Jonathan Galvez.

Let's hope they don't react and stick with a plan that preseves their picks, preserves their farm, preserves their bullpen, and adds high upside international talent.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Giants Lose Again

The Giants just lost their 6th straight game, for the second year in a row.   No consequences, ever, with this team.  Oh and they're eliminated from NFC East race.   They wasted a great night by Odell Beckham Jr., who may be the only guy they should keep.  

Rangers Show Up and Win

The Rangers beat the Canadians 5-0 and made it look easy tonight.  That's because they had jump and Hank didn't allow softies, and everyone played D and picked up rebounds instead of allowing second chances for the Habs.  All 4 lines scored, MSL had a goal and assist and looks forkless.  Stepan had a great goal on MSL's assist.  Moore started the scoring from Glass and Fast.  Hags scored from Duclair.   Nash also scored.   Solid game all around, and maybe the hangover is ending.

This Week On the Blog

Alright, waiting for studio notes this week, so hopefully our teams will provide us with savvy moves and wins to keep us chatting.  Let's take a look.

Rangers:  They play Montreal tonight, and who knows which version will show up.   The bigger news is that their Captain Ryan McDonagh should start skating with the team this coming week and that should give them a boost.  Had a dream they traded Marc Staal.

Giants:  Need to beat the Cowboys tonight, or go into full tank.  I don't really care.  They're not acting rationally and have more or less proven there is something or other they have forgotten about how to win.

Yanks: Last week they did something smart by signing Bryan Emery, and keeping with that plan. Let's see if they can get on a little "smart" roll here.  Moncada anyone?  Hold the picks?

Knicks:  They accidentally beat Phily last night, and that's got to stop.  I wonder if they'll make trades this season or go for max cap room in July.  Wrote a part for Phil Jackson in the movie.

Have a great week everyone!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Yanks: Randy Levine Threatens "Surprises"

On an otherwise sunny day in Yankee-land, as they continued to add to their minor league talent base and at least marginally improve they're 40 man roster, scary Randy Levine raised the specter of surprises is.  Though, I guess at this point trading a good first round pick and larger bonus pool for an old free agent wouldn't be a surprise.  So let's hope this dark emmisary has stopped misinterprettting our demands and means pleasant surprises instead, like Moncada.

Yanks Make Roster Moves

Today the Yanks announced that they added Mason Williams, Danny Burawa, Branden Pinder and Tyler Austin to their 40 man roster.  They also sold Zealous Wheeler to Japan, so they should have 1 space open on their 40 going forward.

Keeping Burawa and Pinder helps the pen as both still have upside and could eventually find roles.   Austin was a gimme, but it's interesting that they are holding on Mason Williams.   He's probably an elite defender in the OF, but he hasn't hit in years.  It's also a bit strange that they are now carrying both Slade Heathcott and Mason Williams who are little more than toolsy.

I think they might have lost Nuding and Montgomery, which would be somewhat suboptimal.

Yanks Sign Bryan Emery

The Yanks have added another potentially big talent to their historical 2014 IFA class.  Bryan Emery is a big OF,  who was a later riser in July because he's from Colombia and not the DR or VZ.  He had been a switch hitter, but he's just been hitting lefty for awhile.  He's either 6'3" 190 or 6'4" 195, I've seen both listed, and he probably projects as a right fielder.   He turned 16 in March, so he's a long way off, but as July 3rd approached he was flying up a lot of boards.   This signing gives the Yanks ten of the presumptive top 30, and he might be right up at the top of the class.   He has very loose actions.  I know a certain YankyFan who will be thrilled with this news.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Yanks Should Pass on Andrus

The Post and some other are actually pimping the idea of the Yanks picking up Rangers SS Elvis Andrus as well as his huge contract and inability to get on base as the Yankee replacement for Jeter.  I sincerely hope the Yanks aren't this stupid.  Over his career, Andrus has been 16% below average on offense.  Why would anybody pick up 1 more year of that, let alone 8 more years of that?   They wouldn't and shouldn't. The Yanks should just bandage the position for the next few years, as they finally have some talented kids coming up at the position, like Mateo, Abital and others.

Giants Activate Geoff Schwartz

The Giants, on the last possible day, have finally activated Geoff Schwartz from short term IR.   The make room for Schwartz they cut a young LB with upside named Jusitn Anderson.  Why they didn't bounce any one of the over supply of crappy OL's on the roster in anyone's guess, but this position has been brutally mismanaged and it's costing the Giants games.   Lots of games.   We'll see if Schwartz can step in and help.  

Rangers Tonight

Looks like Anthony Duclair will be back in the lineup as the Rangers face the Lightning at the Garden.  The Rangers really need some regulation wins, and to become an outstanding home team, so lets hope they don't get distracted by the return of Cally, Boyler and Stralman, and just do their work. I think Duclair is skating with Hayes and Hagelin.   That should be a fast line.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Giants Lose Again

The Giants embarrassed themselves at home today against a 49er team that kept trying to give them the game, but Eli gave them the ball 5 times on INT's.   The Niners got away with a shitload of contact on passing plays that hasn't been allowed this year.  That said, for about the 7th time this year the Giants looked unprepared.

It is also true that they didn't do enough in the last offseason to fix the line, and they're bargain basement pick-ups of Walton, Jerry and Brown nearly got Eli killed today.

This is a horrible team that needs to tank so they can rebuild more quickly by picking at the top of rounds for a change.

Giants Today

The Giants face, perhaps, their last must-win game of the season today, at home against the despicably 49ers.  Rashad Jennings is supposed to be back for this one, and LB Justin Anderson was signed from the PSquad so he can go, too.    It seem inconceivable that they will start stopping the run, or even win.  But hopefully, the young guys like Beckham, Donell, Washington and others will keep showing us stuff.  Kind of strange to have little hope and empty Sundays in November.