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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Giants Take UCLA RB Paul Perkins

The Giants just draft dual thread RB Paul Perkins out of UCLA.  This is another really good player.  Very tough, but can also make you miss and catch the football.  Probably their best 5th rd running back pick since David Meggett, but he will remind you more of Tiki Barber.  May be the best back on the Giants right off the bat.   They're having a really effective draft.   But they still have to fix the OL for any of this to work.

Giants Take LB BJ Goodson

BJ Goodson was a Clemson captain, who was very instinctive and productive.   He had a big pro day where he ran faster than expected, after being known for his quickness.   Great against the run, has work to do in coverage.  First LB pick of the McGovern era.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Giants Take S Darian Thompson in the Third

Boise State is one of the college programs I follow, and for years I've been wondering when the Giants would grab a Bronco in the draft.  They just did by taking Free Safety Darian Thompson in the third round.   Darian is a big interception guy, who can also tackle and hit.  Darian ran a bad 40 at the combine, but he plays faster than that, and also is one of those guys who just knows how to play.  Sort of like Will Hill was but without the apparent off field interests.   He'll probably end up a starter eventually, but will certainly up the competition in the Giants young Safety group right off the bat.  They're having a terrific draft.

Giants Take WR Sterling Shepard at 40!

I am so psyched.  This has been my guy since before he opted out of last year's draft. Combining Sterling with Odell and maybe Cruz, and it will be impossible to defend.  Each of them has elite body control, route ability and run after catch. This is yet another EXPLOSIVE WEAPON for the Giants.  We did it again in round 2!

Giants on Day 2

Today, the NFL will run rounds 2 and 3 of the 2016 Draft.    That's a mixed blessing for the Giants, as well as the audience.   The Giants have historically just MURDERED the second rounds of drafts, getting guys like Marshall, Strahan, Tiki, Snee, and on and on.  It's been phenomenl.  The third round, not so much.  Justin Tuck, Greg Jackson and some filler.  Anyway, the Giants will do it again tonight as there are a lot of good players left.  I'm hoping for Sterling Shepard as I now believe our OL fix could best be served by a trade.   Go Giants!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Giants Take Eli Apple at 10

After seeing their top 3 targets disappear - two by virtue of teams leapfrogging them the Giants were left to pick from injured, disgraced and red chip players.  The move to make was a trade down, but who knows what was available.   Apple should have been available after a trade down.  I happen to like him a lot, but not at 10.  He's the kind of big, physical CB that the Giants have done well with over the years.  Nice enough player, but just an awful start to the draft for the Giants.   Leapt over twice!!

UPDATE:  If the Giants can go on to fix the OL, this could still work out beautifully for the GMen.  Eli is just 20 years old, but some of the metrics services had him as the best DB in the draft.  That augers upside, and in a few years, he could be a great Giant.

Giants: Draft Day

So, the NFL Draft is finally here, and I've never been less excited.   It think it's a couple of things.  First, I don't think the Giants did enough in UFA before the draft to take the pressure off the picks.  So they're heading into this with major needs, not just wants.  Second, because of the inturies to Jaylon Smith, Myles Jack, and others, the top 10 of the draft, and indeed the first round is talent challenged.  Third, for over a month, there's been a persistent rumor that the Giants are taking Georgia LB Leonard Floyd, and he's tackle challenged.

The smart offseason would have seen the Giants fix the OL in the first two days of UFA, then target Zeke Elliot in the first round.  However; that's not what they did, and they now go into the draft having to find a starting caliber RT.  So Jack Conklin makes a ton of sense for them at 10.  He's been a riser, but frankly, Ronnie Stanley who I loved last year, had a down final season and questions about his want to and toughness arose.  So Conklin is the guy they should target.  No questions about his toughness or character.

The concern is is they'll draft Floyd. Floyd is a talented guy, who can rush the passer and run with receivers and TE's.  He blew the the doors off the combine and is an official freak.  Also, he has an impressive wonderlic for a front 7 defender. The Giants have been looking for a player with those traits for a generation.  The problems with Floyd are sort of two fold, first, he'll be 24 when the season starts, second, he can't tackle and isn't physical.

Having said all that, I can absolutely understand the Giants excitement about getting a "swiss army knife" or a player who's like the "queen on a chessboard" in terms of attack angle.  But they are going to have to teach him to tackle, and that fact that he will already lived 24 years without doing so, will make it a real challenge

In any event, I'd still pick Zeke Elliott and hope to get lucky with a right tackle in round two.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

This Week on the Blog

Ugh, the Rangers season just ended several weeks earlier than we'd been used to. Should be a very interesting week coming up.

Rangers:  The Rangers just looked pedestrian and ambivalent as they were eliminated in 5 by the morally corrupt Penguins.  Just a terrible turn of events and one that you could see coming or could also see the opposite coming with this bunch of weirdos.   They need changes, and the first should be a coaching change.  AV is a good coach, but he's not a good coach when it comes to mixing in youth. It cost the Rangers in the Finals two years ago and has cost the Rangers every year since.  And the Rangers have to figure out what to do with Girardi and Staal, as well as Nash, and also have to find the cap room to keep Kreider and others.  It will be yeoman's work, but must be done.  We'll stay on top of it and on top of them.  There may or may not be a little gap here between winning seasons because of all of the missing draft picks.

Giants:  The Giants will draft more players this week.  Unfortunately, they still have a lot of needs, notably on the OL, and more or less everywhere on the defense.   Also, WR, RB and TE.   As of right now they only have 6 picks.   What will they do?

Yanks: Yanks will go for the sweep against Tampa tomorrow.   But their hitting has not been able to support their starters - even when the starters offer quality starts, which keeps them from maxing their overwhelming bullpen and could ultimately lead them to being .500ish team with an historically great BP.

Knicks: The Knicks are already performing their coaching search or pretending to.  Rambis was a disaster but several writers are pushing the narrative that he'll be back.  Blatt is another candidate, and  I'd rather see Luke Walton.  There will also be trade talks, with the name Darren Collison coming up today.   We'll see how really any of it is by July.

Alright, been busy, but will try to do my usual NFL Draft stuff, and cover any breaking Rangers or Knicks moves. If there's time, I might be able to write something about the Yankee minor league system.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Giants Bring Back Josh Brown

I posted a pic of P Brad Wing, because he also signed his tender.  I don't think anyone was panicking, but not having either signed before the draft, would have created some fear of pick squandering, so a bit of a relief.  Wing must become more consistent, and Brown pretty much has to stay the same, though he did miss a big kick or two toward the end.   Still, when you're in the top 10 of every round, you don't want to be taking punters and kickers.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

This Week on the Blog

Rangers just won, so that series is tied.  Yanks lost their 4th on the row earlier.  Giants are still working out, and getting ready.  Knicks are still pondering the future.  And otherwise, I hope it was a good week for you.

Rangers:  If the Rangers don't win the Stanley Cup, and I don't think they will, AV must go.  Once again, he screwed around with McIlrath which he as done all year.   And all McIlrath is, is a reliable and ultra tough defensive defenseman.  In other words, exactly what the Rangers have lacked.  Also, today, Kreider scored, JT Miller had three assists, and Skjei had an assist.  5 points for first rounders.  That's why it was so stupid for Sather to trade first round picks like they were going out of style.  Stepan was cheapshotted, and may be concussed, but he was a second rounder and the case against trading those, too.   MZA was a foreign  find and he scored. Brassard was the key piece in the Gaborik deal, and he scored, and so did Nash, who cost a first and young core.  Series comes back to NYC tied, and the Rangers should be able to take it.

Yanks:  The Yanks have been an up and down team so far, and may be all year. They have lost their offensive ethos, and thus, even when they get good pitching, which they did today, they can't back it up with grinding and runs.   Kaprielian is pitching for the Tampa Yanks now, and Diethrich Enns is already cruising for Trenton, and Brody Koerner is making his second start for Charleston today.

Giants: The Giants are in no-man's land with the tenth pick of a terrible first round.  I count two healthy players worth getting excited about: Jalen Ramsey and Zeke Elliott.   The rest are fungible with a slight nod to the OL talent, which all seems reasonably healthy.  It is monumentally disappoiting that the Giants didn't get the OL fixed ahead of the draft.  But it still must be fixed.

Knicks:  Phil Jackson spoke to the media this week and befuddled them.  It seems he is insistent of choosing a coach from his tree. Golden State says they will not block the Knicks from talking to Luke Walton, and that's who it should be.   Also, they need to trade Melo.

That's all for now.  Have a great week everyone!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

ILB Kelvin Sheppard to Sign With the Giants, RB Bobby Rainey, too

Kelvin Sheppard has announced on Twitter that he will be joining the Giants tomorrow.   Now, along with Jasper Brinkley, this gives the Giants two run stuffing LBs.  I wonder if they intend to play them together on run downs -- and do those exist anymore?  Or will just one of them make the team.  I'm a little worried that they're bringing Sheppard in to sub for Leonard Floyd in short yardage?  Puzzling.  The Giants are Kelvin's 4th team, though he is only 28.  The Bills drafted him out of LSU in the third back in `11.  Then they traded him to the Colts.  Then he signed with the Dolphins as a free agent.

Hope the Giant opponents don't check to a pass play every time he takes the field.

They're also signing RB Bobby Rainey, a 28 year old back who made the Ravens as a UDFA back in 2012, and has bounced around since.

This Week on the Blog

This past week was sort of so-so for the teams.  This week things should get a little more interesting.

Yanks:  The Yanks have started their season, and the only starter who has looked good through one turn is CC.  That will change, but it's a good sing that CC was able to pitch well.   They've been playing in bad weather and that can cause trouble for the guys who are inexperienced in it.   They should all settle in.  Andrew Miller is a man, and I'm glad they didn't trade him.  Starlin Castro has started the season playing to his upside.  So has DiDi.

On the farm, the Tampa Yanks are undefeated, the Railriders and up and down, as is Trenton and the Riverdogs go NO-HIT last night. Yikes.  But like the big league rotation, the kids will sort themselves out.  That's what the minors are for.

Rangers: The Rangers will start their playoffs this week and will either play Pittsburgh or Florida, depending on what the Islanders do today.  They're a little banged up and McD and E. Staal may both miss time to start the series.  We'll know later.  In general, AV didn't spend enough time getting the young kids ready for these playoffs, so if the injuries continue, it could be a quick exit for NYR.  Fortunately,  Kreider and Stepan are hot and that's always been a good thing for the Rangers.

Giants: The Giants seem to be putting all of their OL eggs in the draft basket.   That's not awful, as there are several good OT and OG prospects that could help the Giants in this draft.   Unfortunately, they'll have to use premium picks to get them. That means they won't be able to use those premium picks or playmakers.  And they need those, too.  Conversely, if they use the picks on playmakers, they'll putting off the OL issue again.   As it is one of the top two picks has to be an OL, and 2 of the top 5 should be.  They could have taken care of this early in free agency, but have chosen to keep their powder dry for some reason.

Also, the Giants report for their offseason program starting tomorrow.  So there could be more media.

Knicks:  The Knicks will end their season this week with a whimper.   Then they will begin an all important offseason, we're they must start building around Porzingis, and find a coach who can coach.

I'm wishing all of you a great week.