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Thursday, September 03, 2015

Giants Win PreSeason Finale

The Giants just beat New England in what was a punt, no pass, kick contest rather than a real game.  The Pats looked like they were gonna pull it out, until Damontre Moore pulled an Osi with the sack strip and Nikita Whitlock, playing both ways, recovered the ball.  Whitlock is interesting.  And the D, overall, looked like it might be coming around tonight.

The O was still a disaster and it really seemed like playbook was closed.  Where were the slants, for example?   Eli didn't play and Odell wasn't targetted if he was even in. Geremy Davis looks like he'll be usefull in the O at some point.  And Cunningham is a TE who can catch and run.  I'd still like to see them make a trade to stabilize the right side of the O, since by the time Beatty is back, and the D gels, the Giants could be mathematically eliminated.

Btw, JPP is supposed to come in and meet with the Giants next week.    We'll see how that works out. Selvie, Bromley/Owa also had sacks tonight.

Yanks Off-Day: Domingo Acevedo

This season, the Yanks lost a major chunk of sizzle when Clarkin, Hensley, German,  DeCarr and others missed time.  And now that it looks like Severino has graduated, the next shiniest object on the minor league pitching front could be Domingo Acevedo.

Domingo, who is 21 and will turn 22 in Spring training, is currently dominating the NYPL (era 1.81, more than a K per inning), which has  been, primarily, a college league over the years, so his age is right on for that league.  Though he's thrown 102 in games already, he's clearly not going to move like Luis did, who's only about 4 months older than Domingo.

Unlike a lot of Dominicans who sign at 16, Domingo didn't sign till he was a few days shy of 19.  So he really hasn't been in the system very long and his stuff has pretty much let him move through the DSL, GCL and now NYPL in just two years.   He did  start this season with Charleston, but got hurt, though if he keeps doing what he's doing, he could start next season at Tampa.

He probably only has 1 more start left in the regular season, then one or two starts should SI make the playoffs.  Then he'll probably get more innings in Instructs, and should be ready for full season next year.

People might want to compare Domingo to Severino because he's coming after him, but the better comp is to Dellin Betances because Domingo is 6'7" and still filling out.  Hopefully, the Yanks will keep him a starter.  As you'll recall, Dellin was starting to rock as a starter again when they threw him into the pen.

In other farm news, the Pulaski Yankees are starting their playoffs today and they haven't named a pitcher, yet.  Simon De la Rosa, who is 22 and 6'3"185 has an even better K rate than Severino, and may be the pick to pitch.  He's another kid from the DR who didn't sign till he was around 19.  So he probably is a little old for league.

So while we don't quite have the next Severino in terms of meteoric ascent, we do have some other young pitchers who are harnessing stuff and dominating.

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Yanks Clobber Sox

The Yanks just beat the Sox 13-8, and it probably wouldn't have been that close had Girardi not gotten cute with the pen.  For the 4th time this seaosn, the Yanks hit 5 homeruns in a game.  The first homer was hit by Greg Bird, and it came when the Yanks were down 1-0 in the second and looked like they were gonna flail against another soft tosser, but Headly walkd and Bird homered.  Then John Ryan Murphy homered.  And before the inning was over Beltran had hit a three run homer.  Drew, finished a triple short of the cycle also hit a three run bomb.  And Didi, who has been smoldering also tossed in a solo shot.

But Girardi pulled Tanaka after he gave up a walk in the second, and replaced him with Andrew Bailey, who had not pitched in the bigs in 2 or three years.  The result probably surprised no one but Joe.   Btw, they used to call the great Joe McCarthy, Marse Joe.  We'll we've got Arse Joe and he managed to use both Betances and Miller in a game where he'd gone into the 7th with a 13-2 lead.   I hope if the Yanks do make the playoffs Betances can go.   Ugh.   Should have been a lot more fun than this.

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Yanks Win

Michael Pineda pitched a strong 6 innings.  Dellin Betances danced next to the fire.   Brett Gardner hit a solo shot, and Miller served up sliders for the save.   Yanks take the second game of the series 3-1. Rick Porcello who has looked like a different guy since coming off the DL, was freezing Yankees left and right with a 92 mile an hour fastball.   It was pathetic, but he did manage to strike out 13, and that's impressive, so let's tip our hats.  None of the new guys got to play.  Still big win.

Adios, Tyler Austin

This morning, the Yanks DFA'd Tyler Austin, bringing to an end what once looked like a great draft story.  Before his wrist and other injuries, Tyler could flat out hit.  The Yanks took TA back in the 13th round of 2010 draft, and he embodied eveything they look for in a player as far as character is concerned.  He was 100% ballplayer and teammate, and not only could he hit, but he used to steal bases at will, even though he lacked a plus run tool.  

He'd beaten testicular cancer before he was picked, and when he came to the Yanks, he didn't really have a position.  They tried him in the corners and he ended up mostly playing RF for them.  He was on a rocket ride to the bigs before the injuries, even prompting Cashman to refer to him as an "elite" prospect at one point.   Then the hand and wrist injuries started, and his ascension was derailed.

I'm hoping he'll make it through waivers, and continue his rehab and resurrection with the Yanks, but he is from Atlanta, and I am pretty sure the Braves, who are loaded with former Yankee execs, will grab him, like they've grabbed so many other former Yankee prospects.

I wish Tyler the greatest success going forward from this sad day.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Yanks to Call Up Refsnyder and Others

The Yanks are calling up Rob Refsnyder, Dustin Ackley, Jose Pirela,  Austin Romine (whom they should have traded years ago), LHP James Pazos,  Caleb Cotham, Andrew Bailey and pinch runner Noel.   Sanchez is injured, and I guess Slade is too, since they both offer more than a pinch runner.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Yanks Win By Two Touchdowns

Chase Headley and pretty much everyone else in the lineup had a big day, as the Yanks beat the Braves 20-7, after missing the final conversion.   Eovaldi won his 14th, but it was more like early season, short innings Eovaldi than like the recent Super Destroyer we've been watching.  Instead of his one bad inning, he had two, and had to leave the game with none out in the 6th.

Because of the offensive outburst, Betances and Miller got the day off.  Headley, Drew and Ellsbury all homered.  Gardy showed signs of life, and Bird was 2 for 4 with a double, a walk and a sacfly.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Severino Wins Again

Luis Severino pitched 6 shutout innings tonight to even his record at 2-2.   He might have gone farthrer, but Girardi lifted him for a pinch hitter with men on in the bottom of th 6th.   Then in the 7th of 2-0 game,  Girardi brought in Wilson instead of a well rested Betances -- and almost gave away Severino's decision before finally bringing in Betances.  Btw Pitch FX showed Severino getting worse than squeezed at times...

The Yanks ended up scoring another run, but they're still not consistently punishing bad starters like they should have today.

Eovaldi goes for the sweep tomorrow.

This Week on the Blog

This week was sort of a big ugh, as the Yanks continued to lose games and the Giants continued to lose players.   This coming week, though, the Yanks will get some reinforcements and the Giants will have to start cutting guys.  Let's take a look.

Yanks:  The struggling Yanks may have found a team they can beat in Atlanta.  Let's hope Severino and Eovaldi keep dealing in games 2 and 3.  In the bigger picture, the Yanks can start calling up guys who are on the 40 starting on September first.   My guess is that Dustin Ackley and Cole Figueroa will get more run under Girardi than the actual prospects do.   We already know Judge isn't coming, but Ben Gamel is also very deserving but not on the 40.  In either event they'll have an endless bullpen that should now be scotchguarded against the manager.

Down on the farm, the DSL and GCL have now ended, and Chris Gittens and others from the GCL might start floating up to SI or even Charleston.

Giants:  The Giants play the Jets tonight and that's a game that's always overcooked for the preseason. Let's hope they can come out of it healthy.   After the game, the Giants will have to start their two rounds of cuts.  Then later this week they'll have to play the Pats, and then make the rest of their cuts. I still wouldn't be surprised if they traded for a right side OL, instead of waiting to sift through other teams cuts, which they'd still do anyway,

Knicks: There weren't really any rumors this week.  Melo apparently had everyone come down to Puerto Rico to workout.  We'll see if that's a value add.

Rangers:  As September begins the prospects will start filtering back to the mothership to get ready for the Traverse City tournament later in September.  The vets as well might start back as articles about their workouts and what they've been doing are starting to pop up.

In all, I'm hoping it's a productive week for our teams and all of you.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Yanks Score 15 and Win

Yanks went back to hitting homers today down in Atlanta and got shots from Didi, McCann and eventually Chris Young, who was a late game replacement for Ellsbury.   Tanaka was apparently so surprised that the Yanks scored 5 runs in the first, looked horrible for his first half and inning before settling down and K'ing the side in the second.

Other than the much needed win, the key to this one is the possibility that the Yanks will be able to trade McCann back to the Braves at some point.  He's from there and they still love him.  Plus, the young C they let him go for just hasn't developed the way they'd hoped.   He'd probably be a draw there.

I think it might be tough to get this idea through Girardi's dull brain, but Murphy and Sanchez could split the job till one emerges next year.  Here's hoping.

Big Win.

Btw, Jordan Montgomery pitched 6 perfect innings tonight in Tampa down in High A, and last night Chaz Hebert pitched a shutouts for Scranton.  These are both drafted Lefty starters who just keep getting better.