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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Giants: Jernigan Has a Lis Franc, Talley Called Up

Jerrel Jernigan, our on again off again shower of something, is done for the year with a Lis Franc foot injury.   You might recall those have ruined some Giant receivers in the past.    The good news, is that they are calling up Julian Talley.   Now Talley has flashed a bit in games, and is a bigger receiver than JJ.   So between Washington, Randle and Talley we've got some size again, and both Cruz and Beckham are damn sturdy.    I'm happy about that, because once we got Beckham, assuming he ever plays, we didn't really need Jernigan.

Btw, between the call ups for Talley and Fox, and the release of Jordan Stanton yesterday, the Giants are now three guys down on the PSquad.   So, we'll be adding three more players there, probably soon.

UPDATE:  WR's Travis Harvey (who flashed a bit in pre) and L'Damien Washington have been added to the PSquad.    There's 1 space left.

Giants Activate Dan Fox From The PSquad

The Giants today added LB Dan Fox from the PSquad.  This is probably because Beason and Kennard are hurt and they don't want to overexpose Herzlich.   Hopefully if Fox plays as well as he can, he'll be kept and Herzlich will finally be off the team whey Kennard or Beason gets back.

Yanks: Prado Out; Pirela Up

Martin Prado had an emergency appendectomy, so he's done for the year.    First of all, our best wishes to Martin Prado and  thank goodness they were able get him taken care of.    Secondly, this finally pushed the Yanks to call up one of their kids who can hit: Jose Pirela.   He can sort of play a bunch of positions, too, but the brother can hit.  Let's see if Girardi plays him.

Monday, September 15, 2014

JT Miller's Big Chance

Bunch of media today about how JT Miller is going to be competing for Third Line Center duties once camp opens.    For the ecology of the system, it's sort of important that either Miller or Hayes or McCarthy or Oscar is the third line C, while the others, compete for some of the open wing spots.   By bringing in low dollar replacements for the FA's the team lost in July, the Rangers have created a time and place where kids will be ALLOWED to step up and beat them out for jobs.   JT, who was great in the AHL and never got it going in the NHL last year, is said to be in his best shape ever and has reported weeks earlier than he did last year.    That's great news for the Rangers because he is talented, and the youth movement that brought us the young core of the team must continue.

Giants Thurmond Done For the Year

Signing Walter Thurmond, one of football's top slot corners, appeared to be on of the Giants savvier moves this past offseason.  However; now Thurmond is out for the year withy a torn pec and will have to have surgery.  This is a reasonably tragic development for anyone believing the offense will turn the corner and the D will figure it out enough to allow the offense to win.  As a result the Giants may activate one of the kid kid corners from the practice squad, or may hire someone off the street.

Btw, I do think the Giant O will turn the corner, perhaps as soon as game 3.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Giants DROP Another One

Victor Cruz wanted the ball more.  Too bad he couldn't catch it.   This big mouth hasn't had a good game in our last 12.   Anyway, today, the Giants had taken a lead and Cruz just had to catch a third down pass to prolong a drive.  Instead he dropped it.    The Giants had to punt, then Ted Ginn pulled returned it for a TD.   There went the lead.  On the next series, Cruz had beaten his man and had open real estate.  Eli put it in his hands and he dropped it.   Later Ruben Randle, who had looked good, earlier in the game, dropped a key pass.  In between that there were fumbles by Demps, on a kick return, and Jennings in the green zone.

I have no idea what Mike Quinn does or why he still has a job.  He's had literally nothing to do with the Giants success, while guys like Gilbride and Pope, who did, were shown the door.   He, like Fewell doesn't give us a scheme advantage.

Btw, Beason got hurt, again, which meant Herzlich had to play.  That's the problem with mascots, and the small rosters. sometimes you have to play them.   We have better LB's on the PSquad and the Giants need to make a move there.   Nice story, but it's gone on years too long.

Eli played well, and this O might really turn into something if they can get Beckham back, catch the ball and stop fumbling.

Giants are getting pretty close to Knick probation on the blog.

Giants Today

Frankly, I expect the Giants to play better today, if not win.  Monday night was an unmitigated disaster and there's really nowhere else for them to go but up.  They still won't have Beckham, and Kennard is now out with a hamstring, too.  But they can't forget to play the kids like DaMontre Moore and Corey Washington.  They need IMPACT and haven't been getting from the stiffs they've been playing.  Oh, and this would be a good game for Victor Cruz to turn into Victor Cruz again.   Monday was ridiculous.   Go Giants!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

This Week on the Blog

Could be some interesting movement for our teams this week.   Here's why:

Yankees:  Thought it's unlikely they're going to make the post season, they will keep playing games and we might get to see more of the kids play.   Maybe not, though.  We might also start to get a better idea of their offseason plan, now that we know Mark Newman is retiring and Billy Eppler seems to want to stay.

Giants:  Ready or not, they're going to play another game tomorrow.   We'll see if they can gain some cohesion on O, and stop making so many mistakes on D.  And let's see if Fewell can remember to use DaMontre Moore.   Otherwise, it will be another long day and long week.

Rangers:  The Rangers will wrap up their Traverse Tournament experience (they are 1-1 so far, both OT games).  And training camp will open!   I still think they will make a trade as they are at 50 contracts and up against the cap right now.

Knicks:  They might invite some more guys to camp, and there will probably be more articles about JR Smith.  Phil's been quiet for awhile.

So, who knows about the Yanks, Giants and Knicks, but Rangers camp is opening and that is exciting.   Have a great week, my peeps!

Yanks Win

Shane Greene did it again, and should be figuring into the Yanks future.    In fact, before they jettison too many of their minor league execs, they better make sure they haven't just been victims of park illusions throughout the system.  They are certainly producing some pitching, and it looks like they'd be producing some hitting, too and if the GM didn't keep stalling them in AAA so they can add more age to the 40 man roster.

Btw, it was announced today that Billy Eppler would not interview for the DBacks GM job, and I'm starting to think he has a promise from the Yankees.   Wonder what it is.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Yanks Lose Both Ends of a Double Header

Brandon McCarthy was good, and Bryan Mitchell had an encouraging first start minus his best stuff.   But the offense was off again for both games, and the only run they got all day was Chris Young homer that should have won game 1, but Warren was not up to the task in extras.    This has been a rough season, and it does look like changes are coming.

Yankee VP Mark Newman to Retire

So Mark Newman's decision to retire is getting some attention today.  Mark Newman had been the pitching coach at Old Dominion when the Yanks first hired him.  He was head of instruction while Bernie, Jeter, Andy, Mo and Posada were coming up.  As he got promoted, his jobs had less and less to do with hands on player instruction and more to do with administration and trouble shooting.   He has done yeoman's work for all 6 titles teams of the last 20 years, and really helped develop the homegrown players who won them.   As a Yankee fan, I am grateful for his service.

Moving forward, the Post was speculating that Trey Hillman will be moved into a more meaningful role.  Trey returned to the organization last year, and was also a big deal minor league manager back when the Yanks were churning out players -- which they are getting ready to do again. I like Hillman a lot, and was hoping he'd be the next Yankee Manager.    But in the meantime, it looks like he'll be filling Newman's roll.   Color me intrigued.

Of course, it wouldn't matter if they could revive Ed Barrow, if they won't keep their picks and won't spend money, they won't get good results.  So ownership has to spend, or people will start blaming the new hires, too.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Yankees Win!

Ex-Met Chris Young, who I won't even get a picture of, just hit a 3 run walk off jack in the bottom of the ninth to beat the Blue Jays 5-4.   This was after he broke up a no-hitter against the Yanks in the bottom of the 8th with a double.    That was just an old school Yankee win, thanks to an old school Met.  This is hilarious.  Shades of Claudell Washington.  Huge win!

Traverse City Tourney

For the knocks the Rangers take on the prospect sites, they're sending a really intriguing team on Traverse City tonight.  It's a shame that the games aren't getting streamed, but we will see highlights. One of the highlights will be the first Ranger appearances of the collegiate FA's they've signed over the past 6 months to supplement their missing draft picks, as well as the Ranger debut of G Brandon Halverson in goal.   Though the Rangers haven't won the thing since 2007, it's becoming a great unofficial start to the NHL preseason.   Let's see if any of the guys explode, and hope that if they do, there'll be room for them on the roster.

Rangers Sign Ryan Malone

As expected, the Rangers have signed Ryan Malone.  They're getting him on a two way deal for less than a million, so, unless he turns all of the kids into coke fiends, I don't think there's much downside here.  Either the Rangers or the Whale are going to get a lot tougher.

I've talked before about how the Rangers have been able to find value in unusual places during their reemergent period, and if Malone can still play, and keep his nose clean, this would be another example.  The Rangers wouldn't get a shot at a guy like Malone if he didn't have that "life event" last Spring.   But now they have him and he potentially solves a big problem for them.   So, this could work out really well - or not so well, but the money is negligible, so why not?

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Yanks Win

Yanks felt like grinding AB's after falling behind 4-0 in the first.   And guess what?  They ended up winning.    They're championship teams have all been full of grinders.  This year's team isn't and even features some ex-grinders.  Weird, but the manager should take some heat for that.   Anyway, big win, and McCann has continued to be an effective hitter every other game or so.

Rangers Sign John Moore To His Qualifying Offer

The Rangers today announced the signing of John Moore.  Moore, like MZA took less than he might have gotten, even though he had no leverage.   You have to think that the Rangers and Moore have a make good and we'll reward you understanding with the talented defender.  This, and the carping Stralman has done out the door, is reminder of how much players want to be Rangers.   But Moore is definitely taking one for the team to one degree or another, just like MZA is.  Interesting.  They still have to make more contract room and the way to do that is with a trade for picks.

Rangers Stuff

Today, all of the youngest Rangers are arriving for camp.   They'll get 1 practice tomorrow, then 24 of them will head off to the Traverse City Tournament, where they will play their first game Friday.   The Russians are already playing in their pro-leagues, so they're not coming.  What we will be seeing is most of the rest of the recent picks, plus all of those college FA's like Hayes, McCarthy, Haggerty and Bodie playing for the Ranger squad.   It's not going to be televised or streamed, but Blueshirts United will have highlights.

This will be a sort of new look for the Rangers in Traverse, the line that went from Stepan, Mc, Kreider, McIlrath , Miller, Fast and Oscar, are no longer on the Traverse roster, it's mostly kids from the last two pick light drafts, and the stars of the team are yet to be determined, though Duclair, and those college forwards could all shine.