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Saturday, April 25, 2015

This Week on the Blog

This past week on the blog wasn't bad -- the Rangers advanced and the Yanks have moved above .500.  But this coming week should be even more exciting.  Let's take a look,

Giants:  The NFL Draft starts Thursday.   Needless to repeat - I want them to draft for want.  My only steadfast goal is to have the OL fixed by our second pick.    Thus if Amari Cooper isn't there at 9, fix it in one.  If he is, fix it in two.

Rangers:  Rangers will start playing either the Islanders or Caps on Thursday, too.  Let's hope they make the most of their rest, and really hit the ice hard when the new series starts.

Yanks: Hopefully, the Yanks will keep pitching, hitting homers, taking their walks and winning.  Down on the farm small sample size theater continues.  Severino was bad last night, but he could be in that early season dead arm period that some guys get.  It's good to keep following all of them and see if any long term trends emerge.

Knicks:  The Knicks are just killing time till the lottery.

Obviously the big items are the Rangers quest for the Cup and the Giants draft.   I hope it's a great and exciting week for all of you, as well.  Go teams!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Yanks Beat Mets

Big Mike reasserted his relevance with a terrific start against the Mets tonight at the stadium.  With some help from 2 2-run Tex messages and another shot from Ellsbury, he rolled over "the best team in baseball," not sure who called them that -- but maybe wait till May next time?    I was busier watching the Rangers clinch, but had the Yanks on my phone.   The Yankee pitchers really are gaining traction.   Let's see if they can keep it up tomorrow.

Rangers Eliminate the Pens

Carl Hagelin just put an end to ugly, ugly first round series.    Thank you, Carl.  I could not have watched much more of their illegal defense and them running into Hank.    Second straight overtime game winner from one of our college kids.   Crazy game, I hadn't seen the trap in a while.   Unfortunately, MZA got hit in the head by a McDonagh shot in the first and could not return.  That's a little scary, and the Rangers were one forward short for the final two periods and the OT.  Stepan's power play goal was the only thing the Rangers got done in the first.   Miller and Fast both had big games, as did the defense and Hank.   The one Pittsburgh goal was off and arm.  Of course if the Rangers would have scored that way, Toronto would have disallowed it.  So the Rangers were up against a little extra in this one and they did well to get it over with in 5.

Let's hope MZA bounces back, and that the Isles/Caps series goes 7.   Let's Go, Rangers!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Yanks Win Again

Yankee pitching continued to gain traction today as Masahiro Tanaka had his second good start in a row. Now, if they could only hit, and perhaps, move Beltran out of the #3 spot in the batting order.  Today's game was like watching a Cards/Giants game from 1968.   The Yanks scored the first of their 2 runs on a balk.  Betances ended up gettting the win, and Miller the save.   They're really staring to roll.  Up next, the Mets.   Glad I'm not home for that zaniness.

Rangers Stuff

Probably time to find a picture of Kevin Hayes in his Ranger gear,   Anyway, that was some game last night.  The Pens have played desperately for the entire season.  I was out and watching the game at a sports bar.   It was interesting to see how much room to move there was in the other series compared to the Rangers/Pens tilt.  It wouldn't surpisee me if the Rangers put up a more impressive effort tomorrow.  The Pens are probably exhausting themselves with all the hooking and grabbing they're doing in their efforts to slow the Rangers down.   The Rangers have to avoid getting fancy, which they do with leads sometimes.  It's not going to win them any games in the playoffs.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Yanks Stuff

Yanks won last night and there are some good signs arising.  First, the rotation is gaining some traction this time through.  Pineda has been the only bad start this time through.  Also, the Yanks are leading the league in walks and homers.  I love that, but those are also what Bill James used to consider old player skills.  And the Yanks have a lot of old players.

Down on the farm, Ian Clarkin has a sore elbow.  Let's hope that's all it is.  Meanwhile, this also underscores the fact that we will probably be SP heavy in this draft and that one of the 1's will be spent on a starter, and I would guess that the other will be an up the middle bat.   Well see.  Could be two pitchers.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Rangers Win Game 3

Rangers just beat the dirty, cheating Pens 2-1 in their house to regain home ice advantage for the series.   The Pens played dirty all night, and on the one goal they were able to score, Sidney Crosby pulled down Jesper Fast to allow it.  Shouldn't be a goal.  Also, Sidney was allowed to knock down Hank after a whistle.  Finally, Hornqvist cross checked both Staal and Hank during the scramble at the end of the game.

This raises the question as to why Tanner Glass was dressed.   He needs to make a statement in game four, because we can afford to have him suspended.   But seriously, Sidney and Hornqvist have to pay.  Also, whoever it was who cross checked Kreider after his goal.   Ridiculous.    And the Refs are doing a horrible job.  Now let's win out.

Giants Get Back To Work

The Giants finally began their offseason program, which will run from now, through OTA's and finish with the veteran mini-camp.  JPP is sitting out, but as of last week we were getting a lot of information about his workouts with Jay Bromley, so he probably is getting in shape, as it behooves him to do so in his walk year -- if it comes to that.

Eli, who is also in a walk year, said he was comfortable with it.  Otherwise, everyon seemed healthy and happy to be back.  Shane Vereen and the new guys will have a whole new culture to get used to, but at Shane at least seemed eager.  

This program used to start in March -- which was a quick turnaround in years when we played into January and February.  But, following a season that ended in December this felt like and eternity.  I also think the Draft is now too late, and people's built-in excitement for it flags by the time it comes around lately.   I'm writing a lot less about it this -- partly because I don't want to repeat the same stuff every year and partly because the process has become too protracted and things have been cooking with the Rangers and Yanks, and will get cooking with the Knicks in the next few weeks.

They'll have to wait for a new CBA to start the workouts sooner,  but the draft is something that should be restored to it's old time slot, even if they've grown way too ridiculous to restore it to its Saturday/Sunday form.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Yanks Complete Sweep of Rays

Yanks just beat the Rays for the 3 game sweep.  Pineda was really shaky in the first which you could tell the moment he walked the first batter.    He got a bit better, and shows all the signs of being an ace at some point - but he's currently 2-0 with a 5.00 ERA, so he ain't that yet.   Sort or reminiscent of Randy Johnson's time in pinstripes, so far this year.  Wins but an inflated ERA.   Betances is looking more and more like his old self, but the fastball is still not where it was - like Tanaka.   Miller gave up a leadoff double in the 9th to some chump with an HGH beard, then K'd the side, swinging, which was Goosian of him.  Great win.

Mitchell and Severino were both dominant.   Mitchell's ERA is now below 3 and Severino got an ERA when he gave up a run.   Oh well, it's just .90 and he can lower it next time.  Anyway, two really encouraging starts.

This Week on the Blog

Should be an interesting week on the blog, what with the Rangers in the playoffs, the Giants and Knicks getting ready for their drafts, and the Yanks perhaps showing a sign of life or two.  Let's take a look.

Rangers:  The Rangers played like crap last night, still, but for a bad penalty against Hags, the Pens might have never gotten started.  They'll play better Monday, and at some point in this series have the Pens totallly figured out.  Let's go, Rangers!

Yanks:  Tanaka's start was huge.   Let's see if Pineda can follow suit, and then if CC and Eovaldi can have better luck.   Down on the farm, it's a Severino day and a Bryan Mitchell day.   Also, some rumors that the Yanks are interested in the 22 year old Cuban 2B.   No word on the Cuban pitchers who had appealed for FA.

Giants:  Giants signed a couple of camp bodies this week, and might sign more this week.   They'll slso keep going to pro-days - if there are any left - and more likely having kids in or going to see them.   In the old days, we'd be in Rookie Mini-Camp by now.

Knicks:  Knicks will tend to their strategy.   Right now the lottery is 4 weeks away, so they'll probably be developing multiple plans now.

I hope all of you have great weeks!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Yanks Slam Tampa

Masahiro Tanaka gave up two hit and K'd 8 over 7 scoreless innings as the Yanks beat Tampa 9-0.   What a relief to see Tanaka able to dominate again.   The Yanks blew it open with a 7 run 7th where Chris Young hit a two out grand slam.   Suddenly, the Yanks are closer to .500 than I thought they'd be for awhile.  Hmmm.